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All slots are different, but some of the features are common for all the types of slots no matter the theme or the software provider.

Depending of the type you can play 3 reels, 5 reels and 7 reels slots, with the 5 reels slots being the most popular. Nowadays there also 9 reel slots available but since this type of slots can be rarely found we are just mentioning it now.
The reels are the main feature of every slot accompanied by the pay-lines. Always remember that the chances of winning go down as the number of reels goes up. The player has the chance to choose the number of pay-lines on the slot if the slot is multi pay-line and lately they all are.
Besides the online reviews, with us you can also find all the other important information when choosing an online casino to play with, such as casino bonuses, software provider, platform/s supported, calculated payout reports and a long list of other basic information that each casino hold.
Depending on the slot there are different symbols.
There are the regular symbols that are part of the slot and there are the special symbols that help to make the game more interesting and help the player in the spinning. 
The regular symbols can be classic (cherries, sevens, lemons or card images), food items, animals, holiday related objects, fairy tale characters, super heroes, movie and TV stars, sport players, celebrities and so on, the list is never ending as the number of slots is never ending too.
Besides the regular symbols there are special symbols that help boost the game and make it little bit more than just hitting the spin button:
Wild symbol - the wild symbol can replace any other symbol to create a winning combination, it’s very similar with the joker in cards.
Scatter - The scatter symbol doesn’t have to appear in a pay-line to bring you price. Usually when three or more scatter symbols appear the payout increases as the number of scatter symbols increases too. 
When combinations are made using the scatter symbol it usually pays out jackpots or bonuses. Another important thing about the scatter symbol is that cannot be replaced by the wild symbol.
Auto-play - the auto-play option gives the player the chance to set the slot to spin on its own by previously set parameters
Bonus - the bonus is like a game in game feature of the slots, in order to trigger the bonus you must hit a special combination under previously set conditions.
Free-spins - this symbol as the name suggests allows you to receive certain number of free spins.
Multiplayer - When you hit a combination with the multiplayer symbol your winnings are multiplied as many times as the multiplayer symbol stands for.
Progressive jackpot - What makes the Progressive jackpot so attractive is the fact that one online slot is played at more than one casino and as more and more people play at it its amount increases and reaches mind blowing amounts.

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